Footsqueek – The Mobile App Company

After my work experience at INOUT Magazine ended I then began doing another work experience at the company Footsqueek. Whereas I focused on the print side of design in my previous placement I now focused on the digital side.

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The INOUT Magazine

Here is the virtual copy of the magazine, where my name is included in the editors section. See below.


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INOUT Magazine

For a period of 4 weeks I did Work Experience at the magazine INOUT. They specialise in food and restaurants around the North West. My duties included laying out adverts and articles, editing images and updating the website as well as assisting the Head Designer in her duties.


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Annual Aardvark Open Exhibition

I entered the Annual Aardvark Open Exhibition competition, I entered 3 of the illustration that I used in my book. I was later contacted, to be told that my work and become on of the finalists and that it would be displayed in the gallery above the shop.


The Shop and Gallerly

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Chester Anime & Manga 3rd Logo

My third design, left some debate since the use of a skull could be easily misinterpreted for a different society, for example the Rock society. Thus making this design much weaker than the previous two. when deciding the typeface I face similar problem as well as the positioning on the skull, eventually decided of the this stylized typeface and the first position of the images shown below.

anime soc logo3 all

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Chester Anime & Manga 2nd Logo

For the second logo I wanted to make something on the cuter end of the scale. Since cats regularly appear in anime, of all kinds, I wanted to incorporate this into my logo. Once I had my completed image all that was left was the typography. This however caused a few issues, since it was difficult to find a typeface that both compliment the them of the logo and contrasted against the bold lines of the image. The first set of images shows the experiments that I made with fonts. With this and feedback from my society I was to pick a typeface which was a handwritten/calligraphy style. The last problem was co-ordinating the colours of the society name.

anime soc logo2 all

anime soc logo2.3 ALL

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Chester Anime & Manga 1st Logo

The first logo design that I chose was the one of the bear. I chose this design since it was funky and made the people I asked smile, there was enough similarities for people to link it to anime but it didn’t over emphasise this. Also it would attract both male and female students who would see the logo. After I chose the design all that was left was the typeface, after several candidates I chose a modern font that would compliment the image. The first logo.

anime soc logo1 all

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